How to setup your own dero web wallet

The future for dero wallet

Dero nightly build has already support a very useful new funtion:Web Wallet.It's archived by using golang web assembly build,totally run in your browser.As mentioned by dero dev team, dero gui wallet will be abandoned, all resouce will focused on web wallet.

Besides the official, you may want to setup your own web wallet, host on a server for public use or just run it locally.Here is the step for set up your own dero web wallet.

Compile new version of dero daemon to support web wallet

To support web assembly funtion, you need to use minimum Golang version 1.11.1 for this build, old version will not work.

git clone the code from dero offcial git repo You'd better move the code to your Gopath source folder, the source path for me is


Then build it with command:

go install

You shall find binary file under $GOPATH/bin folder.

If you want to deploy your web wallet to a linux web server but your building system is others, you can specify the GOOS and GOARCH for this build

GOOS=linux GOARH=amd64 go install

Compile web assembly file for web wallet

All core wallet function is implemented in the web wallet web assembly file, you can build it with command:

cd ~/go/src/
GOOS=js GOARCH=wasm go build -o wallet.wasm cmd/webwallet/main.go

You will find a file named wallet.wasm where you excute this command.

Get the web root for web wallet

Simple git clone the web root from Get from, then move the wallet.wasm file we just compiled into the webroot/static/ folder.

Place the webroot folder to correct place

You need to place the webroot folder to the folder where you run the dero daemon,if we place it under ~/dero/ folder, then we should start dero daemon from that folder.

Use the web wallet

After start the dero daemon from correct folder, you can visit to access the web wallet.

Host it to a public web server

In fact, host it to a public web server is almost the same as run a remote node, please read my previous article for the detailed guide.

My Dero Web Wallet

So, here is my public dero web wallet you can use for free.No private data will be send to my server, since web wallet server works just like a remote node.